Burger Token Economic Model update announcement

3 min readMay 31, 2022


Dear Community members,

BurgerCities is an “evolution” based on Burgerswap, a DeFi product that has gone live on BNB Chain. BurgerCities currently combines 2D and cyberpunk to create a playable Metaverse for users: visual NFT images, playable Metaverse, Web project integration.

According to community developers, the Burger token economy model will be updated today. Existing users do not need to perform any operations.

Burger tokens are mainly used in the following scenarios:

50% of the mining incentive part:

1) Token mining incentive (Has Ended)

  • Single coin mining: the staking of mining can yield profits.
  • Liquidity mining: Burger-BNB and other deals on incentive pools

2) Reward system

  • Pass quest reward system

By completing the Pass quest, unlock the Pass fixed rewards and split each season’s prize pool. The prize pool size is injected into Burger based on ecological activity.

  • Reward mechanism for functional mining

Various ecological function competition mechanisms were set up in Metaverse, and function points were obtained by completing functional tasks. People with different functions compete for positions through functional points PK. Functional users enjoy the employment of mining awards, while special positions have additional mining awards.

  • Play to Earn Mining mechanism

PVP ranking bonus

PVE rewards mining

  • Other Metaverse ways for gameplay mining

3) Land mechanism

Metaverse landholders get mining incentives

The distribution of rewards will be adjusted according to specific circumstances like user activity, development progress, etc.

The rules for the allocation of tokens are as follows:

Reversing/canceling the initial proposal to inflate the $BURGER token supply to 210,000,000 (canceled), the total supply of $BURGER is set at 63,000,000 according to the result of the Snapshot vote, which is the result of the additional 42,000,000 $BURGER issuance + 21,000,000 $BURGER already in circulation.

The distribution is as follows:

Repurchase Destruction Rules:

Regular repurchase and continuing destruction are conducted, and all on-chain records of repurchase and destruction are made public. Token destruction is usually done once a month.

The repurchase funds shall be funded by the State Treasury and shall be managed uniformly by the State Treasury after the repurchase. The tokens destroyed came from Burger revenue and the Burger portion of the buyback.

Sources of repurchase funds:

1) Defi business: including converged trading, converged cross-chain, machine gun pool, converged NFT Marketplace

2) Own NFT business: NFT sales, upgrade, own NFT market commission

Source of destruction:

1) NFT upgrading, synthesis and propagation

2) Royalty for all Staking

About BurgerCities

BurgerCities is an “evolution” based on Burgerswap, a DeFi product that has gone live on BNB Chain. BurgerCities now combines 2D with cyberpunk to create a playable Metaverse where gaming, social, Web3 behavior, NFT, and more can be part of every day for users.




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