BurgerCities Battle Function Preview and Gameplay Introduction

11 min readApr 6, 2023

Dear all Burgers:

We are thrilled to announce our new version is about to release. The new version contains plenty of gameplay content and many features: Battle Function, Energy Setting, Battle Team, Hero Development, Equipment Function, Manufacture, Institute, Main Chapter, Arena Hall, and Battle Plans.

Battle Function

The battle function is defined as a fully automated battle system. A round of battle is defined as all combat units striking once in that turn. Players can place their heroes in a 2*3 formation, with a maximum of 4 heroes.

The Battle Function in the ArenaHall

During the battle, priority is given to front-row attacks and back-row attacks. In the Main Chapter, Heroes belonging to Players will move first. In Arena Hall, Whether or not players attack first depends on their Courage points which are shown on hero pages.

The Battle Function in the Main Chapter

The element restrictions and hero attributes associated with NFT fashion will have additional effects in battles, players can explore the specific details by themselves. During the battle, players can check BUFF directly by clicking the hero. Especially, the hero’s skills are released automatically during the battle, and the number of rounds required to release each skill is different. Players can find specific information in the skill description on the Hero page. Before participating in battles, players need to place heroes on the Battle Team from hero lists.

Attributes attached to NFT Fashions
The BUFF can be viewed by clicking on the hero

Attention: Especially for the battles, the maximum number of rounds is 20. If the challenger can not win within 20 rounds, the challenger will be defeated automatically.

Energy Setting

Players can confirm the “Energy” of maximums on the right side of their character avatar. The power of all heroes already on the battle team is shown below the energy points.

Energy and Power

The Energy setting is a new independent system. When players are trying different gameplay (ArenaHall, Main Chapter), these actions need to consume Energy. Also, players need to check the balance of energy before those actions.

The specific features of the Energy System:

1. Energy has a maximum limit.

2. Energy Recovery is slowly restored according to time.

3. Energy Potions can be purchased by $Burger.

Battle Team

Players can enter the “Battle Team” interface by clicking the button below.

There is at least 1 hero in the battle team participating in the battle, with a maximum of 4 heroes. Players can choose the heroes they want on and off the board by dragging them around. The details of the hero can be shown by clicking on a hero under the board.

Battle Team Overview

Players can find the element restraint and element aura activated in the battle team. More details about elements can be found by clicking these buttons. Players can click “Sort” to confirm the hero lineup according to “Power”, “Star” and “Level” and click “Filter” or select the hero conveniently according to “Rarity”, “Element”, and 5 types of occupations (Defender, Attacker, Raider, Healer, and King).

Battle Team Overview
Element Aura Overview

Attention: After the hero is transferred(including transfer and purchase in-game or transfer and purchase through the contract) has a 24-hour cooldown period, and can’t participate in any battles during the cooldown period.

Hero Development

Meanwhile, the new version updates the hero display and shows the info of the heroes on the hero page. Players can find “battled” to check which heroes are already on the battle team.

According to the hero interface, players can find that the live stats are Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Vitality, Endurance, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Luck. The battle stats are Attack, Defense, HP, and Courage. In addition, Health status is displayed as a specific numerical value instead of a percentage.

Hero Page
Hero Page

Players can check their heroes’ stars interface and click “Star Advanced” to upgrade their heroes. The star advance will significantly change battle attributes and automatically increase battle skill levels.

Star Advanced changes live stats and battle stats
Star Advanced Success Overview

Players get hero’s EXP through the Main chapter, Explore, and Manufacture what can Level Up when EXP reaches the upgrade limits. The hero gains extra potential points for each level which are allowed players to “Assign” Live Stats by themselves.

Players can distribute the remaining potential points to add points to the right side attributes, each increase in points will display the interface, and the left side attributes will change as soon as possible. If players need to reset the previously potential points, they can click the “Reset” button at the bottom before “Confirm assignment”. One of the most important parts is that players need to click on the “Confirm Assignment” to save the previous operation.

Assign Potential points

Equipment Function

Players can click “Equipment” from the hero page to check equipment info. They can wear the current strongest equipment in the wearhouse by clicking “One Button Wear”, or “ One Button Unstall” to take off the equipment already worn.

Equipment Overview
Equipment Wearhouse

Players can click the empty slot to change equipment and also can click on the equipped slot to “Forge” or “Replace” the equipment.

Empty slot to change equipment

The attributes of the equipment are divided into base attributes and random attributes. When the element of the equipment fits with the element of the hero, it can increase the base attribute of that equipment by a percentage.

Equipment details

After clicking the “Forge”, there are two tabs (Enhancement and Break) on the right side. Players need to consume the required materials and gold to enhance the equipment level. Meanwhile, it will increase the base attributes if players enhance the equipment successfully. Players can break through to unlock the level limit of the equipment by consuming materials and needed items.

Attention: Players can gain the materials needed instead of dropping the complete equipment directly during the battle.


The manufacturing page is divided into 4 tabs according to the types of occupations, Defender Equipment, Attacker Equipment, Raider Equipment, and Healer Equipment. Each tab above shows equipment from 4 different parts and each part is made of 4 different rarities of equipment.

Manufacture Overview

The equipment manufacturing interface shows a success rate and different kinds of materials are needed. Equipment materials involve props dropping the Main Chapter and props synthesized through research and manufacturing. Players can check the detailed description of the items and props to learn how to manufacture them. When players click “produce”, the gold and the materials will be consumed immediately.

Produce Materials

When items and materials are successfully manufactured, they will be displayed on the interface. Also, there is a notice of failure when manufacturing fails.

Items and materials manufacture successfully

If the equipment materials have already been trained before, the materials will be returned when players click the button “produce”. The props, materials, and gold consumption will be returned according to the current equipment level and experience.

The queue that is currently being shown can be displayed below. When making materials, players can cancel at any time. But as to making equipment, players are not allowed to abandon it in the middle.

Queue Overview


The new version has added some new blueprints and research, partly involving the manufacture of new equipment and props. Multiple blueprints in the Institute can be activated at the same time by single research.

Main Chapter

Players can enter the “Main Chapter” interface by clicking the button below. It will be the main part of the whole PVE system. “Main Chapter” has been divided into two parts which are General and Elite. “Elite” means a higher level of gameplay that can offer better rewards.

Players can click the “Challenge” on the downright to participate in the battle. “Stage 5–4” means the current level of this chapter. You can click to view or clear cleared raids (levels that have not been challenged are not accessible).

Main Chapter Overview

All heroes in the battle team need to consume Health and Energy when they challenge the new chapter for the first time. (each level costs a Fixed Health and Energy.)

Clear Raids need to consume fixed Health, Energy, and Stamina for all of the heroes in the battle team( at least 1 hero, up to 4 heroes). For some special levels, there is a limit on the maximum remaining times per day. Players need to meet some specific requirements in order to clear raids successfully, such as Hero Level, Hero Rarity, Elemental restrictions, and the number of heroes. Different levels have different limits, and players need to check them specifically in the game.

If players can’t launch the Challenge or Clear Raids, there are some notices on the interface, promoting “Insufficient Energy” or “Which Hero has insufficient Health or Stamina. ”

Clear Raids Overview

When players successfully clear raids or challenges, we offer the following types of rewards:

  1. Rewards after victory. (such as the EXP of heroes)
  2. Rewards of stage box. (such as the gold box)
  3. Gold and some materials in Main Chapter. (such as the materials for equipment manufacture)


Players can enter the “ArenaHall” interface by clicking the button on the upper main interface.

Players can challenge others’ mirror images to obtain a ranking on the Supreme List. The Supreme List currently displays the ranking and players can check more through “view more rankings”. When Players succeed in the challenge, Ranking will be exchanged if the defender is higher than the challengers. The ranking will not be exchanged if the defender is lower than the challengers, whether it wins or defeat. Players can challenge 10 times per day. Each time challenge consumes a fixed energy. Refresh times can change the enemies that players want to challenge and it can’t be purchased.

ArenaHall Overview

The Arena Hall can be set up with the exclusive defensive team, and the heroes on board can be freely adjusted. The defensive team is different from the Battle Team. The current battle team is the latest when players don’t need to adjust. When players launch a challenge, in fact, they are challenging other players’ defensive team (mirror image). The defensive team records the mirror image of the current team (including hero level/star/equipment worn). Until players click “Update”, the latest defensive team will be refreshed. In addition, the defensive team will be updated whenever players log in.

Defensive Team

The arena ranking will only be updated according to the refresh countdown. Weekly Ranking Rewards will distribute according to the Arena ranking every Monday. If players do not claim the ranking reward, it will be kept until the next ranking reward at most; if the reward is still unclaimed, it will be automatically cleared. The most important thing is that until the rewards have been claimed, the page Arena Ranking will be refreshed again.

Arena Ranking Overview

The Arena Ranking will be refreshed with the current ranking and a weekly ranking rewards countdown. Players will receive Honor after each battle, regardless of victory or failure. However, if they fail, they will only receive half the amount of Honor that can be used in the Store. The honor points from victory or defeat will be given according to different ranking intervals.

Weekly Ranking Overview
Store Overview

Battle Plans

Players can enter the “Battle Plans” interface by clicking the upper top button.

The latest version of the Main Chapter Battle Plan includes the general rewards and the advanced rewards. Players can consume $Burger to purchase it to gain additional rewards and activate PVE Battle Buff. And players also can click the button to receive all rewards conveniently.

Battle Plan Overview
Battle Plan Overview

To all citizens in BurgerCities, please stay tuned for more interesting and wonderful gameplay content. We sincerely invite you to join in BurgerCities and explore your specific Game Function.

BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on BNB Chain. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 behavioral metaverse universe.

BurgerCities aims to create a unified and standardized metaverse world of Web3 via integrating DeFi, NFT to the wider Metaverse. In this world, users could carry out daily events such as social, gaming, etc. Meanwhile, they could experience DeFi and NFT functions with their own avatars such as trading, staking, NFT exhibitions or gamefi, etc.

BurgerCities hopes to contribute fresh energy to the booming in the metaverse and brings new vigor and vitality into Web3 applications such as DeFi and NFT.

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