BurgerCities — Born for MetaFi

5 min readMay 21, 2022


With Defi’s demise in 2022, NFT and GameFi are likewise in decline. Our quest has been to discover new blooming and stimulate cryptocurrency.

The Metaverse has effectively grown the cryptocurrency market and broken the boundary of many businesses when Facebook changed its name to Meta in October of 2021. Many traditional Internet companies have developed a long-term strategy for this. According to reputable forecasts, the worldwide metaverse industry will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 10% from USD 500 billion in 2020 to USD 800 billion in 2024. People at the forefront of the metaverse in the crypto sector are also grappling with how to grasp and dominate the metaverse’s heat in advance.

The term comes from Avalanche, a science fiction novel about a metaverse — “The metaverse’s Broadway and Champs-Elysees. Hiro’s VR glasses reflect a brightly illuminated main road, which can be reduced, reversed, and modified at will. Although it does not actually exist, millions of people are currently buying there.” Players can be anyone and do anything in this virtual environment, and the metaverse is an extension of people’s real lives, a second existence for them.

The metaverse blurs the line between the real and the virtual; in 2022, as information technology advances and blockchain technology evolves, the metaverse will gradually become more and more accessible, and more people will begin to feel that the metaverse may be our future.

As a result, many individuals began to consider ways to combine Web3 behaviors like DeFi and NFTs into the metaverse scenario — integrating the metaverse with existing Web3 apps to generate new growth area. MetaFi was created, and it quickly proved the ideal option for the BurgerCities team to deploy ahead of time.


BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on Binance. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 behavioral metaverse universe. People can engage in daily activities such as socializing, gaming, and so on in this realm. Simultaneously, experience DeFi and NFT functions such as Swap, Staking, and viewing NFT exhibitions through their visual metaverse image.

BurgerCities has constructed a virtual environment by merging 2D and cyberpunk, taking into mind the metaverse’s present technology limitations. Not only does this world map to the classic Defi world, but it also allows you to implement all of your Web3 functionality while substantially decreasing the configuration needs for the user’s hardware and avoiding stalling.

BurgerCities has included a game that allows players to explore the metaverse with BurgerCities NFT heroes that can combat monsters, PK, land management, PVP, and more in order to improve usability and playability.

BurgerCities intends to revitalize the entire metaverse with this product, as well as Web3 applications like DeFi and NFT.


BurgerCities is a game that entirely flips the “gold mining” basic gameplay of classic GameFi. It emphasizes both “game enjoyment” and “gold,” provides more gaming in a unique way, and mixes numerous economic models so that users can not only earn rewards through play-to-earn mode, but also enjoy a range of different activities.

The following is the primary gameplay:

Central NFT- Heroes: A wide range of heroes with unique attributions. The hero traits can be enhanced and game money can be acquired through hero summoning, training, and participation in game duties.

Daily active gameplay: Enrich the game’s functions by completing daily tasks and engaging in interactive gameplay, and enjoy the game. Consider the deep partner’s Web3 behavior as one of your everyday tasks.

Play a business simulation game to get a taste of actual employment and fulfill your collecting preferences.

Free trading market: thriving trade and interaction between players, as well as rapid in-game material trading and NFT trading.

Tactical turn-based combat: Combat becomes more strategic thanks to a range of skill and class combinations.

Season of major PVP: When the war begins, there will be a variety of PVE and PVP gameplay associated with the battle.

1) Black Market

Black Market integrates a cross-chain aggregator of the major DEX and CEX protocols combined with Switch protocols. On the BurgerSwap platform, users can trade any digital assets and exchange in variety public-chain.

2) Energy Plant

Users can become a liquidity provider by supporting liquidity when you choose any token pool in the [Energy Plant], and earn benefits from this option.

3) The Central Bank

The Central Bank is the single-coin dual-mining revenue aggregator in Burger Cities, which can maximize the user’s single-coin mining return. Meanwhile, it will distribute the mining proceeds to users by USDT.

The Metaverse Land

BurgerCities also has lots of modules for land and houses, but only core plot scenarios are currently available.

In the future, if you want to own a piece of land in the metaverse, BurgerCities will be a good place to use your land for the following purposes: free building style and interior decoration, whether you want to live in a three-story house or a garden house; Feel free to decorate your home. You can have lots of playrooms or the most comfortable bedroom to relax after completing tasks, or renting, to the user or project needs to provide advertising space to obtain income.

BurgerCities offers users a metaverse land of high degree of freedom editability.


Q1 2022: Complete product model development and testing.

Q2 2022: Alpha version will be released, with 100+ partners offering MetaFi and game functions.

Q3 and Q4 2022: The metaverse’s land scene will be completed and put online, and more than 100 projects or persons will be co-settled.


As the most innovative area of the present industry, MetaFi still has a lot of issues to work out. BurgerCities will begin with playable games, with the goal of eventually incorporating DeFi and NFT into the entire metaverse.

BurgerCities is eager to take the lead as an industry innovator! With the support of this all-encompassing metaverse platform, we intend to establish this BSC metaverse environment, focused on blockchain, NFT, and Web3 to explore new MetaFi possibilities.




The first standardized blockchain-enabled game of metaverse scenario on BSC