BurgerCities&SecondLive Uniform Design Competition

BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on Binance. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 behavioral metaverse universe. People can engage in daily activities such as socializing, gaming, and so on in this realm. Simultaneously, experience DeFi and NFT functions such as Swap, Staking, and viewing NFT exhibitions through their visual metaverse image.

SecondLive Creator Program meets every user at their style and level. You can be a 2D artist or a 3D expert. No matter what your artistic and stylistic approach is, you can use our free Creator Tools (i.e. Space Editing Tool, Space Decoration Tool, Avatar Editing Tool — Gobeti) to create/self-define textures and meshes of your work, import materials, derive new works from existing designs, and submit your works to the shop. Creator Tools enables users to carry out their ideas and to further dig into their vast pool of creativeness.

BurgerCities has a collaboration with SecondLive about Burger Uniform Design Competition now. The competition welcome all the contestants from both communities to create their own style’s uniform for BurgerCities. Our community will vote for some winners. All the submitted works will be reviewed directly by BurgerCities and the winning design will be used as BurgerCities’ official uniform in SecondLive Metaverse.

The Total $2000 BURGER.There are four levels (prize/winner):

- First Prize (1 winner): $400

- Second Prize (3 winners): $200

- Third Prize (5 winners): $100

- Creativity Prize (10 winners): $50

Contestants can create all kinds of clothes for BurgerCities using SecondLive Avatar Editing Tools. There are no restrictions on artistic style or approach, but please do not submit any illegal content.


Activity Opening Day: Aug 29 12:00(UTC)

Work Submission: Aug 29- Sep7

Evaluation: Sep7–9

Winning List Voting: Sep 9–11

Results Announced: Sep 12 12:00(UTC)

All works submitted should be completely original. One contestant may submit multiple works. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

Submit link:


Creator Tutorial:


BurgerCities team will contact winners after the event and distribute the rewards.

All submitted works should be in 3D format. They can be created and submitted via SecondLive Avatar Editing Tool — Gobeti. There is no limitation on the graphic style.

All works should be original and follow the theme of the contest. Please do not include any sensitive content (political sarcasm, pornographic content, etc)

Rules on submission

Contestants may submit multiple works. However, a contestant will not receive multiple prizes should more than one of their works be selected.

The winning designs will be minted as NFT works. Project sponsors have the final right to use the winning designs as they see fit.

About BurgerCities:

BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on BNB Chain. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 metaverse.

BurgerCities aims to create a unified and standardized metaverse world of Web3 via integrating DeFi, NFT to the wider Metaverse. In this world, users could carry out daily events such as sociality, gaming, etc. Meanwhile, they could experience DeFi and NFT functions with their own avatars such as trade, bet, NFT exhibitions or gamefi, etc.

BurgerCities hopes to contribute fresh energy to the vigorous development of the metaverse and bring new vitality to Web3 applications such as DeFi and NFT.

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