BurgerCities x Highstreet Partnership Announcement

We are glad to announce our partnership with @highstreetworld.

Highstreet is the world’s first commerce-centered metaverse that bridges the physical and digital worlds with a brand new MMORPG.

Highstreet World is a play-and-earn open-world metaverse that incorporates shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional brands and crypto brands with an MMORPG game experience. Users can play-to-earn by completing quests, attending social events, socializing with players, and shopping for NFTs from real-world brands.

Nowadays, frictionless checkout with e-commerce eliminates the social aspect of shopping. Highstreet reimagines E-commerce and retail in the Metaverse and Web3 era. This is done by integrating traditional brands into the on-chain world, through tokenizing products into “phygital” items.

Highstreet’s play-and-earn is driven by value creation and seeks to demonstrate sustainable yield with its brand partnerships.

More exciting events are on the way! Stay tuned with us on Twitter!

Visit the website of Highstreet: https://www.highstreet.market/

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