How to Activate a CD Key in BurgerCities

2 min readAug 22, 2022


🤔Got a CD key but not sure how to activate it in BurgerCities?

👇🏻 Let this Quick Guide help you!

1️⃣ Activating a CD key is a simple process. First, you will need to log in BurgerCities.

2️⃣ After you have logged in, click on your account in the top-right corner of the homepage and then select “CDKEY” from the menu.

3️⃣Enter your CD key, which is a 10-character code, and follow the prompts to activate.

4️⃣Go back to the homepage, click on the mail icon, and check your mailbox. Here you can see the NFT fashion activated by the CD key.

5️⃣Receive it and wear it! Enjoy the game in your gorgeous outfit💕

About BurgerCities:

BurgerCities “evolved” from Burgerswap, a DeFi product that was already available on BNB Chain. It integrates DeFi and NFT into a larger metaverse scene to produce a uniform and standardized Web3 metaverse.

BurgerCities aims to create a unified and standardized metaverse world of Web3 via integrating DeFi, NFT to the wider Metaverse. In this world, users could carry out daily events such as sociality, gaming, etc. Meanwhile, they could experience DeFi and NFT functions with their own avatars such as trade, bet, NFT exhibitions or gamefi, etc.

BurgerCities hopes to contribute fresh energy to the vigorous development of the metaverse and bring new vitality to Web3 applications such as DeFi and NFT.

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The first standardized blockchain-enabled game of metaverse scenario on BSC